Badi Lake, Udaipur

“A lake carries you into recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable.- William Wordsworth

Badi Lake is situated in Udaipur which is also popular as “Lakecity” i.e. a city in the state of Rajasthan. It is an artificial freshwater lake built by Maharana Raj Singh I between 1652-1680. Initially, he named it as Jiyan Sagar after his mother ‘Jana Devi’. Badi is the village where this lake is located and it’s about 12 km from the city of Udaipur. Badi lake counteracts the devastating effects of a famine in the city. The lake supplied water to the people of Udaipur, During the drought of 1973. This artificial lake has an embankment 180 m long, and it covers the total area of 155 km sq and 18 m wide. The lake is graced by three artistic pavilions which are called ‘chhatris’ here. This place is a peaceful location far from the city and devoid of any commercial activity. The view of this lake is providing a serene and calm atmosphere to the visitors, which is a never-ending expanse. The lake holds a place in the major popular tourist attractions of the Lake City.

Badi Lake Udaipur – History, Timings, Entry Fee, Location

Taxis and buses are easily available to reach Badi Lake.

Trekking around Badi Lake


A few years ago, Badi Lake was only a place to spend time in peace and picturesque surroundings, but since the ‘Crocodile Hump’ mountain peak discovered, this place has become special for trekking for visitors. This Virgin Point gives panoramic views to this place, especially from this crocodile hump. Going to this place gives an amazing experience in itself. This trek has become the only tracking place in Udaipur. Every day there are hundreds of people gathered and take selfies, photographs, and photographs to share their experiences by posting on social media. This has made an exploration place not only for the country but also for foreigners coming here.

Way to this Trek at Badi Lake

You can reach this trek by asking the local peoples. It’s little tricky but not so tough. When you will reach Badi Lake, there you will find two diversions, you have to take the right turn from the Badi lake. After going a few distances in this direction, you will again see one diversion with a Board indicating ’Silence Resort’, just go to that way and keep moving straight. On this way after moving some distance, you will see a small tin shop and a temple opposite the shop. This is the place where the trek starts whose way is prior to the tin shop on the left-hand side. You can park your vehicles here and start trekking and if in case you have the bicycle you can enjoy trekking with this by taking it to the top. This path is an unmetalled hilly path, which will give you the full adventurous experience with the captivating view.

This is a small trek, so you don’t need to carry many kinds of stuff to go here. You can just carry a water bottle and some eatables with you if you are planning to spend some time here, but don’t forget to bring the garbage back with you. As you reach the top, the view is really ecstatic. You could see the series of hills towards the left and right of lake and also in the middle of the lake as well and this all looks like a painting painted by God. All of this seems like to be true to the idea of stories. You may stay here for some time to get peace from nature by watching bird’s tweets, book reading, listen to music, or whatever you want.


  1. A treasure amidst the city of lakes ready to supply the water to the city. Even though Udaipur is known for its famous touristy Pichola and Fateh Sagar Lake, Badi has managed to keep her own unique charm.
    Situated in the middle of the jungle, warned by the presence of the wild and the supernatural, it is a lake apart from the city life. A perfect place to star gaze in the night, Badi looks elegantly beautiful under the shining moonlight.
    A lake surrounded by the hills, in the middle of the forest, is a perfectly quiet place to listen to your own thoughts.
    Though in the daytime, It is a pretty lake witnessed by locals, it gains its homecoming beauty in the dark.

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