Dubai – The gem of the Emirates: 10 things to do in the city

One of the most beautiful cities in the world and globally popular, Dubai welcomes a large number of tourists from different parts of the world to its land every year. With the flourishing trade and tourism sectors, the desert city is definitely the most modern in the whole of the United Arab Emirates. The magnificent infrastructure and liberal policies which make it progressive when compared to the regional standards have played their parts in increasing the flow of tourists to the city.

Dubai offers you the opportunity to enjoy and relish quite a few activities like sunbathing, desert safaris, fine dining, and even shopping. It is also home to the largest immigrant population in the whole world. As a result, while you are in Dubai, even though you are staying in an Arab country you will be able to experience different cultures and interact with them. All these paints Dubai an image of an independent city-state.

The city of superlatives

A notable and distinctive feature of Dubai is that if you are a fan of the superlative degree, Dubai is the perfect destination for you. Be it tallest or largest, there is something that can surprise your eyes and amaze your mind in this beautiful city. The desert city has shown the world that it is possible to build greatness even in an area covered in golden sand. The oil industry is seen as the core of Dubai which has attracted thousands of migrants to its sands.

The migrant population

Like I already mentioned, Dubai shelters migrants hailing from different cultures. In fact, the scenario is such that even the Arabs consider Indians as engineers of development in Dubai. This is because it was the Indians who provided Dubai with the essential technology it needed to develop itself before the oil industry rose to prominence. There are thousands of migrants from countries like Bangladesh, India, the Philippines and Pakistan who reside in Dubai now. As a result, the alleys of Dubai are filled with the scent wafting from the Indian and Pakistani eateries. Filipino supermarkets can be spotted everywhere in the city as well. Other than these communities, Europeans, Sri Lankans, the Chinese and even the Indonesian population can be found in Dubai. Among the European community, the French and the British occupy the highest percentage of the total population. The UAE has incorporated several policies like ‘Emiratization’ to ensure that the migrants don’t leave the Arab population unemployed.

10 Things to do in the city

Visit Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Most people see the Burj Khalifa as a landmark of Dubai and hence visiting it should be one of your priorities while you are in Dubai. The building has a total of 163 floors and the view is said to be nothing less than magnificent from the top floors. The tower has an exclusive viewing deck which includes the floors 125 to 148 known as ‘At the Top’ which is also the world’s second highest outdoor observatory. The spot also acts as the perfect location to take photos of the city during your trip.

Desert Safari

Desert Safari

It is true that the desert is majestic in its own way and showcase unique beauty. The surroundings of the desert can be explored while enjoying a camel ride. You will also get to experience the traditional Bedouin culture and henna painting along with a delicious buffet available at an Arabian fortress.

Speed boat tour

Speed boat tour

A sightseeing tour on a speed boat should definitely be on your to-do list to go around the coastal landmarks of Dubai. You will also get to choose a timing slot of your choice and see incredibly beautiful sights which include The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and Burj Al Arab.

Go to Ski Dubai

Go to Ski Dubai

Dubai is home to some of the biggest malls and it houses the region’s largest indoor ski resort. Ski Dubai allows visitors to choose a slope that is suitable for you as there are several options with different difficulty levels available. The resort also introduced live penguin encounters which increases the overall fun element in it.

Experience the world of KidZania

Experience the world of KidZania

This spot which is a play club in Dubai Mall is a must-visit for kids as it can wonder them and is a totally safe place for kids belonging to the age group 4-16. They get to be in the shoes of a policeman, doctor, pilot, etc. allowing them to explore the real world out there subtly while enjoying the games.

Explore Green Planet indoor rainforest

Explore Green Planet indoor rainforest

Though the desert envelops the city, Dubai offers you an opportunity to experience exotic elements of flora and fauna as it has recently introduced an indoor rainforest. This increases your knowledge about the wonders of nature.

Visit the Lost Chambers Aquarium

Lost Chambers Aquarium

The infrastructure and the design of the aquarium itself is a marvel whose magic and beauty increases when you get to watch the different species of sea life closely. There are more than 10 glass-tunneled chambers containing the aquatic creatures.

Have fun at the Aquaventure waterpark

Aquaventure waterpark

To add more elements of fun to your exhilarating experience in Dubai, add the Aquaventure Waterpark to your list of places to visit in Dubai. It is situated on Atlantis the Palm and offers you the adrenaline-filled adventurous experience everyone needs once in a while.

Board the Big Bus Dubai

Board the Big Bus Dubai

The Big Bus Dubai makes it easier for you to enjoy sightseeing and ensure that you visit all the major tourist spots. It travels down the Sheikh Zayed Road and lets you decide the pace you want to explore the city with its hop on/hop off facility.

Go to the Motiongate


It was established in late 2016 and hence can be considered as one of the latest additions to the attractions of Dubai. If you are someone who is interested in the art of filmmaking, this spot is your heaven. It is one of the largest themed entertainment parks as it encompasses the productions of Lionsgate, Dreamworks and Columbia Pictures.
While these are the major attractions in Dubai, there are several more places to visit and explore to enjoy and experience the whole of the city. There are no limits to the amount of fun you can have here as you go on a shopping spree or take a stroll on the beach, whatever suits your taste.

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