Las Vegas of Malaysia Genting

By | June 9, 2020
Las Vegas of Malaysia Genting

Get out of the city for a day at Genting highlands- a hill station in the north of Kuala Lumpur. On a clear day, the peak overlooks lush valleys of rainforests which is a breathtaking view for visitors as they enjoy the cooling weather and serene mountain environment. On the peak of these highlands, you may enjoy a wide range of Las Vegas-styled entertainment, including glitzy shopping complexes, colorful theme parks for both adults and children alike, casinos with restaurants, entertainment, and boutique outlets.

The most mesmerizing part of the visit is the cable car that takes you up the hill and drops you at the mall at Genting. Apart from the casinos, the huge theme park makes it a perfect destination for families with kids. The highlands are at about 1800 meters above sea level, from the top there is a gorgeous view of the valley in which Kuala Lumpur is situated.

How to get to the Genting Highlands

The highlands are located north of Kuala Lumpur, at a little under an hour drive by rental car. Just like Ola and Uber in India Grab is the best local taxi service that you can book which is quite cheap.

Every day busses also depart for the highlands and drop you at the foot of Genting.


You can visit Genting Highlands anytime as it has a cooling climate. The weather is cooler than downtown in the city because of the nature of its location.


1. Genting Skyway Cable Car

Genting Skyway Cable Car

One of Genting’s most popular attractions is Awana Skyway which is a gondola lift service operated by Genting Resort, providing a quick method of travel to the peak that overlooks rainforest valleys stretching all the way to KL. The cable car line begins from Awana Skycentral Complex near Gohtong Jaya town where the cab will drop you and ends at the SkyAvenue mall.

The cable car rides up across the highland is a must to take.  It is a 10-minute ride. You can pick either standard or glass floor gondola (would suggest you take glass floor) and soak in the picturesque views of the rain forest and mountains with such clear skies on the ride and cars passing by on the road beneath. (my favorite part of the visit).

2. Indoor Theme Park-Skytropolis

Indoor Theme Park-Skytropolis

Formerly known as the First World Indoor Theme Park, Skytropolis is a carnival wonderland for the young and young at heart. The rides there are divided into 3 categories- Children, Family, and Thrill. You can either pay per ride or take the unlimited rides pass. A colorful amalgamation of lights and music, Skytropolis Funland is reminiscent of a sparkling carnival ground.

3. Shopping spree at First World Plaza

The first hilltop Premium Outlet Centre in Southeast Asia is at the Genting. On the first floor of the huge complex you’ll find numerous trendy shops with clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. Have a break by having a quick meal at the food court or treat yourself at the Starbucks.

4. Las Vegas of Malaysia

Las Vegas of Malaysia

Try your luck and have fun at Sky casino and Genting casino. This is definitely an Asian version of Las Vegas. There is a wide selection of electronic and conventional gaming machines and tables respectively for you to choose from at the spacious casinos.

5. Butterfly Wonderland

Butterfly Wonderland

It has hundreds of butterflies roaming around. The area is also fitted with a miniature waterfall, which has colorful fish and turtles in it. You can also enjoy views of green rainforest and cable cars making their way towards the top.

6. Chin Swee Caves Temple

Chin Swee Caves Temple

While coming back you can make your way to the Chin Swee Cave temple. You can visit the temple to pray to Buddha, and find the statues behind the temple. You’ll get to know about the teachings of Buddhism and climb up the nine-story pagoda, lit with 10,000 blessing lamps placed by devotees.

Precisely, Genting is a complete combination of scenic beauty along with lots of entertainment and fun which you can explore within a day and have a great time at this hillside station. This mountain peak is that’s why justly called Malaysia’s Asian-style “LAS VEGAS”

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