Luxury Stay In Jaipur- 20 Hotels For Every Budget

So, you are planning a trip to Jaipur to see the beautiful Hawa Mahal and Amber Fort and the colorful markets for some shopping spree. That sounds like a wholesome vacation. But with all the palaces that you’ll be visiting, don’t you wish to live in one of them? Well, here are 20 hotels in the pink city of Jaipur which offer a luxurious stay, categorized in Upper Range, Mid Range and Lower Range hotels in terms of their charges for a stay per room. Now, since the rooms come at various price, we will consider the lowest possible cost for a stay in the hotel while categorizing the hotels.

Luxury Stay In Jaipur

Upper Range (Minimum ₹10,000+ per night)

Rambagh Palace

Rambagh Palace

Probably the most luxurious hotels in Jaipur, a stay at the Rambagh Palace could cost you around ₹57,000 per night. It truly resembles a palace with its old age architecture and lush green Mughal Gardens. You can go through the dreamy photos of the hotel and book a room from their website.

Jai Mahal Palace (Taj)

Jai Mahal Palace (Taj)

Another luxurious stay from The Taj Hotels, Jai Mahal Palace is another vacation in itself with the kind of facilities it provides. It is a little different than Rambagh Palace as it’s interiors are a little colonial style. You could book a room for ₹18,000 onwards per night from their website.

Hilton Jaipur

Hilton Jaipur

Hilton Jaipur is a luxurious stay that is rather modern in design and facilities too and this sets it apart from the others. Book a room here from their website for around ₹20,000.

Holiday Inn

Located close to major tourist attractions in the city, this hotel has a 24-hour food service. How does that not impress anyone? You can book a stay here for ₹11,000 onwards on the website of Holiday Inn.

Shahpura House

Preserving the heritage and tradition of Rajasthan, Shahpura House offers you a luxurious stay and has also taken conscious efforts to reduce their carbon footprints while giving you all the facilities. A stay here could cost you around ₹10,000 a night. You can get to read about the hotel and its facilities on their website and also book a room.

Mid Range (Minimum ₹5,000+ per night)

The Fern

Calling itself an Ecotel, The Fern can surely be described as a nature-friendly, luxurious business hotel. Experience all of their hospitality at ₹7,500 and above.

Ramada Hotel Jaipur

Ramada hotels offer you a comfortable stay and a hotel full of amenities in every city they are located in. And Ramada Jaipur is no different. Enjoy a stay here, and the food, for ₹8,000 onwards.

The Lalit Jaipur

Like all the other hotel of the group, The Lalit Jaipur is also located close to the airport and is just as good as it can get. The best thing about the hotel is it supports to inclusivity and being open and proud about it. You can book a stay here for just ₹5,000 onwards and experience their love and hospitality.

Hotel Royal Orchid

One of the most accessible hotels in the city, close to a lot of major attractions and the airport and railway station, Hotel Royal Orchid offers you a stay for ₹7,800 onwards per night. The facilities for suites here is one of the best you’ll get at this price.

Alsisar Haveli

The Maharaja Suite in the Alsisar Haveli is surely a gateway to a royal stay. Historic architecture and interiors give this hotel a truly royal look. You can book a stay here for ₹6,375 onwards and you can do it through their website.

Golden Tulip Hotel Jaipur

Be it a business trip or a leisurely vacation, you will find warm hospitality and modern amenities together in the Golden Tulip Hotel Jaipur. You can book a stay here for ₹3,500 onwards.

Lower Range (Minimum ₹1,500+ per night)

Radisson Jaipur

Radisson Group is known for its luxurious hotels. And in Jaipur, they keep up their standards of hospitality and amenities in Radisson Jaipur hotel. You can book at the hotel here for ₹4,400 onwards.

Umaid Bhavan Hotel

The handcrafted artwork and the world class Rajasthani style of accommodation makes this one of the highly recommended hotels in the list of many travel guides. You can experience all of that by booking a room for ₹4,500 onwards.

Umaid Mahal

A classic Rajasthani heritage styled hotel, this should actually be called a mini castle as their website mentions. You can check out more about them on their website and also book a room for ₹4,500 onwards per night.

Lemon Tree Premier

The Lemon Tree Premier hotels are all known for their plush and modern decor and exceptional customer service. And at ₹4,619 onwards per night, Lemon Tree Premier in Jaipur is no different.

Sarovar Portico Jaipur

Sarovar Portico Jaipur will stun you with its modern design and styling and then awe you even further with the beautiful view of the city it offers for ₹2,310 onwards per night. And did we mention their beautiful roof-top dining section?

Nahargarh Haveli

Being a more recently developed property, Nahargarh Haveli takes care of your needs and is designed in a contemporary way. Its location is one of it’s biggest advantage, being close to the railway station, bus stands major tourist attractions. You can get a room here for around ₹2,500 and above.

Regenta Central Jal Mahal

Comfortable rooms and amenities that include a spectacular view of Jal Mahal and a rooftop swimming pool, Regenta Central Jal Mahal is a great hotel for a comfortable stay as well as to organize functions. The rooms here can be booked for ₹2,170 onwards.

Devraj Niwas

Devraj Niwas is designed in colonial style and surrounded by lush green vegetation in keeping with their theme of “natural greenery”. At ₹1,820 onwards, Devraj Niwas is a great choice for a peaceful stay.

Hotel Pearl Palace

Hotel Pearl Palace offers a host of facilities at affordable prices without compromising on quality and comfort. You can book a room here for ₹1,500 onwards. Do check our their hand-made heritage clothing line in their in-house boutique.

For you next Jaipur trip, we suggest you keep this list handy and be prepared to soak in the hospitality and royalty of Rajasthan.

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