Must Visit Places in Bikaner, Rajasthan

By | March 21, 2020

Bikaner is a city in the Rajasthan state of India. The city was founded in 1486 by Rao Bika.

Bikaner city celebrates its foundation day on every  Akshaya Tritiya by flying kites and eating special Rajasthani food that is Bajre Ka Khichda and Imli ka Paani with other snacks. The celebration goes for two days, which is known as ‘Chhoti Akha Teej’ and ‘Badi Akha Teej’.

The thing which attracts tourists about Bikaner is the sand hills that are outspread throughout the district. These hills have especially surrounded the city from the north-east down to the southern area. The extreme desert weather, standing for long hours under the bright Sun is torture in itself.

Must Visit Places in Bikaner, Rajasthan

The city feels proud of some of the world’s best riding camels and for this, the City nicknamed as ‘camel country’. Bikaner is most famous for Camel fair. City also has the world’s largest camel research center and breeding farms; as well as city is being known for its unique temples Karni Mata at Deshnok, called the Rats Temple because of a lot of rats in the temple. Some other temples are Lakshminath Temple, Bhandasar Temple etc.

The famous fort Junagarh is also popular tourism center in Bikaner. Katariasar Village is the place where tourist must want to go if they are in Bikaner for the holidays. The main attraction of this village is its population, the Jasnathjis, who are fire dancers. Desert foxes, herds of Chinkaras, rabbits, parrots, peacocks, and partridges can be spotted here.

Kolayat town, which is about 50 km from Bikaner, is famous for its several temples, ghats, the sacred lake, and the town market. The other popular destinations of Bikaner are Karan Prole, Prachina Cultural center and museum, Ganga government museum, Lalgarh Palace and museum, Rampura Haveli Gajner Palace and Lake, Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary, Devi Kund and The famous Ramdevji fair.

Here we are giving you the information about the best heritage and monuments in Bikaner.

Junagarh Fort

Raja Rai Singh has made this fort in 1593. Tourists get attracted by delicately done galleries, windows, and lawns. Several palaces and temples are there in the fort. The Zenana quarters display impeccable designs of great creative skills. The Chandra Mahal, Karan Mahal, Phool Mahal, and Anup Mahal are the part of this fort. The fort’s architecture is a mixture of Rajput, Gujrati, and Mughal style.

Karni Mata Temple

The very famous place in Jodhpur is the Karni Mata Temple. It is at a distance of 30 km from Bikaner Junction. This is known for the huge presence of rats that lives here in the temple only. Karni Mata was the incarnation of Goddess Durga. This temple is devoted to her. It is said that when Karni Mata’s child passed on, she asked Yama to give the life to her child but Yama refused to do this and then Karni Mata being the incarnation of Goddess and give her child the lost life. She also proclaimed that now when anyone dies in the family they will be resurrected as rats.

Presently, around 20,000 rats are living in the temple premises, which is really unbelievable for every visitor. Maharaja Ganga Singh has built silver gates here and a hanging mesh is there to protects rats from birds.

Gajner Palace

A palace situated on the bank of a lake and one of the famous attractions of Bikaner. This palace was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji, former ruler of the Bikaner province. Gajner Palace was used for hunting and to spend vacations. The fort was built from red sandstones which enhanced the royal look with sculpted pillars, screens, and jharokha. Tourists can see birds like Antelopes, Imperial Sand Goose, and Black Bucks along with Chinkaras, Nilgais, Blue Bull, and Deer.

Lallgarh Palace

Maharaja Ganga Singh constructed Lallgarh Palace in the new 20th century which is another piece of the tremendous architecture in Bikaner. The palace is turned into a Hotel now which is known as the excellent choice to spend holidays in Bikaner. The interior decorations attract every visitor who came here. A museum is also there in this palace inside Ganga Niwas. Kushan and Gupta Age artifacts and Harappan culture also preserved here. There is a large collection of plaques of silver, Sanskrit Manuscripts printed on parchments, copper, and gold in a library.

National Research Center on Camel

A research center on the camel has located about 8 km from Bikaner. Every people must visit here at least once. Here are 230 camels of 3 distinct breeds, and the center is more than only a breeding nursery. Here is a round trip provided you of around half-hour which teaches you the techniques which are implemented at the facility and take you through the entire facility. A small museum and camel ride makes this place special for every visitor.

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary

An exemplary place for the wildlife lovers about 32 km from Bikaner. This sanctuary has unique plants and animals including Chinkara (blackbuck), blue bulls, wild boar, Indian hares, neelgai, antelopes, wild boars, deer,  and much more. You can notice when visiting here that it has an enormous population of sandgrouse. It’s a great experience for wildlife enthusiast to have a safari in this sanctuary. Jeep Safaris and Camel Safaris are the two main attractions here which will take you to view the wildlife. Gajner Lake and Gajner Palace are located in this sanctuary.

Rampuria Haveli

These havelis are built by rich merchants of Bikaner over a period of a few hundred years. They are the perfect blend of visual delight with delicate sagacity of aesthetics which has given by our forefathers. These havelis in Bikaner will definitely take you to the era of our ancestors and its majesty give you the feel going back to the few decades, which are past now.

Desert Camping

The extreme climatic conditions at the Thar Desert make the place more attractive. Desert camping is one of the famous activity here which is famous worldwide. Cart safari and camel safari is most famous in Thar desert that let you meander through the golden sands. There are several options available for camping with proper tents that have good quality amenities. You may enjoy Jeep safari along with camping here.

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