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By | June 5, 2019
Singapore Cruise

Singapore attracts millions of international tourists every year. With a friendly environment, English is a language well known and spoken and low crime rates, it is one of the most popular vacation destinations in South East Asia. With beautiful beaches and islands to glittering nightlife, it has something for everyone. And one thing that many tourists enjoy on their Singapore vacation is the Cruise. It is a dream getaway. is all about fun, adventure, beaches, shopping, food, culture, trends, and life.

Singapore Cruise

Singapore offers the best of nature, the best of business and the best of pleasure. And the cruise expedition, similarly,  offers you a wonderfully luxurious and comfortable experience. So if you see yourself enjoying on a luxurious cruise, by the deck or watching over the railing, digging into the seafood or just enjoying a game of basketball in a cruise, in the middle of the sea, then Singapore cruise expedition is for you.

And like other things in Singapore, you have many choices in cruise expeditions too. See, we told you, Singapore has something for everyone. So have a look at various options in terms of duration of the cruise and the destination and plan your itinerary according to your needs.

How It Works:

There are multiple cruise operators with various itineraries for you to choose from. You can choose your cruise on the basis of the following points:

  1. City of origin: look at the cruises that start from the city where you are staying or lodging.
  2. Route: look at the destinations covered in the tour. Some of the most popular ones are the Sentosa Islands, Penang, Hong Kong, Langkawi, and Phuket.
  3. Type of cruise travels: day cruise, night cruise, half day cruises, and many more options are available.
  4. Duration of the cruise: consider the number of days on the sea and on port/land throughout the journey.

These factors also play a major role in the budgeting of the cruise vacation. We will also look at some of the top cruise liners offering services in Singapore. But first, let’s have a look at various kinds of cruises available for you to choose from.

Day Cruise:

If spending multiple days on a cruise doesn’t for your idea of a great vacation, then you can take the options of 1 day or even half day cruise tours. Singapore River Cruise offers some of the best spots in Singapore for a party of 15 people or fewer. Then there is also the option of sailing on the Sunset Singapore Cruise on a Luxury Catamaran and experience a beautiful sunset from the marina.

These trips are usually for 3-7 hours, depending on which one you choose.

Night Cruise:

Singapore comes to life at night with the tall skyline lit up and the spectacular light show at the popular Gardens By The Bay. Night cruises are a great way to enjoy the nightlife away from the city. This is a great choice for a romantic date and an alternative for families to enjoy the spectacular nightlife of Singapore. A Private Tour: Nighttime Sightseeing with River Cruise could be your ideal choice for a night cruise.

Multiple Days On The Cruise:

If you want to be in the cruise for a long halt and truly soak in the beauty of the marina, Singapore brings you a plethora of options and some of the world’s best luxurious cruises to choose from. From rock climbing to water slides on board, these cruises are an experience of their own kind. Here, we will look at some of the most popular cruise liners available to you to choose from.

Princess Cruises:

Princess Cruises bring the Sapphire Princess for short cruises or Diamond Princess for longer cruises. The longer cruises are the more preferred ones, with Asian cruises going up to 21 days. From a burger joint, a pizza place, an international café on board, Sapphire Princess is a favorite of the foodies and has won awards for its culinary offerings. The Diamond Princess has that all and a patisserie for café-style coffee and croissants for you on the cruise.

Dream Cruises:

A floating Zouk, a glowing bowling alley complete with UV balls, a sportsplex for outdoor games, a rock-climbing wall, a ropes course, a water slide, and a mini-golf course have made the Dream Cruises as the “the ocean’s most luxurious rooms”. If these things are not enough, 11 dining venues, Bollywood dance night, and Mystery magic show are some other highlights of these cruises. Surely, the name seems quite apt.

Royal Caribbean International Cruises:

The Royal Caribbean International Cruises offer a host of exciting activities on board. For adventure seekers, the wave riding on surf simulator can be a thrilling ride. You could go to the ice skating rinks on late night spins. And for couples with kids, you can enjoy an adult only retreat where you can relax at the bar or just lounge by the pool with kids enjoying themselves in activities like scrapbooking activities, arcade games, and game show challenges.

Best Time To Cruise:

Singapore offers pleasant weather all year round. But the best time amongst that is from July to September. This is also a great time for some great festivals in Singapore.


The budget depends on

  1. What kind of cruise it is, day cruise, night cruise or sunset cruise or multi-day cruise?
  2. Is it the peak time of the year?
  3. Are you traveling in a group or solo?
  4. What is the route you want to travel on?

The budget of these cruises can start from ₹7,000 per person to ₹60,000 per person and more.

Singapore has a lot to offer for tourists. And its cruises are only one of them. The offer of enjoying this beautiful land on water and away from the city traffic is something that really attracts tourists to these cruises. Whatever be your reason, they are a great chance to enjoy Singapore while on the deck of a luxurious cruise on the sea and absorbing the glorious sights of the marina and the city.

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