Top 10 Less Explored Hippie Destinations In India

For the longest time, India has been attracting peoples from all over the world. The hippy movement in India was pioneered by the elements such as religion, natural beauty, and spiritualism that helped in the attainment of ‘sanyas’. From the countries, bordering India’s north-western limits maps the most undertaken route to India and quaint Israeli cafes are great testimonials. No need to mention the gamut of Americans that flew indirectly.

Most often people quest for less explored hippie destinations for locally procured psychedelic drugs, pleasant weather, and Nirvana caused by sights. But now the trend has been catching up for more reasons to explore these places.

Top 10 Less Explored Hippie Destinations In India

Here’s we prepared a list of the hippie destinations that are steadily losing their charm and the places that are a breather from the overdone.

Barshaini, Himachal Pradesh


The place where Himachal’s two fierce water bodies mighty Parvati River and a gushing Tosh Nhala confluence. Nestled around the two water bodies, the tiny village of Barshaini is famous for the Kasol-Kheerganga-Tosh triangle. You will find splendid waterfalls, small cafes serving hot drinks, sitting against the backdrop of apple orchards, and the trekkers smoking up on some local cream are the major things you can look forward to on a visit here. If you are too crazy for trekking and adventures, a trek to Kheerganga will be the just right thing for you.

Andretta, Himachal Pradesh


A place for the artists by heart. By exploring Dharamshala and McLeodganj, we are sure to say that these have had the hippie destinations on their glory days. Now, these places gained popularity, and commercial settlements like restaurants, hostels, and hotels even suppressed all over the picturesque abode of Dalai Lama. But, still, the beauty of Himalaya’s Dhauladhar range is unique to explore here i.e. nestled 53 km from here in the direction of the intriguing village of Andretta. An Irish theatre artiste and environmentalist Norah Richards established an artist’s colony in the village, that is also must visit attraction here.

Chalal, Himachal Pradesh


Chalal is the village lying across Kasol’s suspension bridge over the Parvati River. This village is like a blanket of pine forests. Another pleasant destination for those knowing Kasol and its roundabouts. If you are planning to go to Kasol then it is better to opt for a stay at Chalal too to the serenity that is deeper and less untouched. As stated, it lies just a few minutes away from Kasol, you can choose between the two as you like. This entire region is flooded with a thick blanket of pine trees. Here, you can easily find many options for cheap hotels to stay in.

Almora, Uttarakhand


Almora is a district in Uttarakhand state and popular to experience earth’s geomagnetic field. Almora derives its name from an indigenous plant found here and called ‘kilmora’. This plant’s dried leaves were used to scrub utensils at the temple of Katarmal.

This cantonment district is the place where Bob Dylan and Swami Vivekananda found enlightenment. Just like the Stonehenge and Machu Picchu, Kasar Devi temple and region also holds great geographic significance for featuring an enormous geomagnetic field. Almora hippie in India is indeed a must visit the place to look out for.

Mawlynnong, Meghalaya


Mawlynnong is rewarded as Asia’s cleanest village.

If you wish to grab an opportunity to vacation in quite literally and the lap of nature, with a fascinating culture and beautiful maze of root bridges, Mawlynnong will be your preferred choice. This place is perfect for those who are indulged with nature to have the best nature’s gift by Walking through the clouds and some mineral-rich water bodies. We can guarantee that you and nature will be in a strong connection here. Mawlynnong was the exemplary tribe of Khasi but left patriarchy to be what they are today, therefore, this village is the rebellious yet and it is the hip aspect of this place.

Arambol, Goa


Goa’s name is enough to make a picture in mind of empty cafes and secluded beaches. When we are discussing the hippie destinations, Goa undoubtedly secure a place as it is one of the hippest destinations and people always prefer it to backpack in India. Goa is one place that was the protagonist of the hippy movement in India and holds the essence like no other place. The state A has made way to retain the state’s bohemia just by the right balance of commercialization. No other place can beat this transformation from flea markets to rave parties on mountain tops, this state does hippy like no one else. If you want to explore little deeper, Arambol is the place to be as opposed to the much popular ones of Anjuna and Baga.

Ziro valley, Arunachal Pradesh


This valley is for those who live to do trekking.

There are several treks in the north of India, however, this is only one of its kind, and very less explored in the north-east. After the annual Zero Festival, this place “Ziro Valley” has also been gaining popularity. This festival is also very popular in music enthusiasts as it is one of India’s biggest outdoor music festivals and lots of music lovers attend this from all over the world. The combination of good music and natural goodness surely gives an entrancing experience here.

Hampi, Karnataka


Hampi is an island that beckons oblivion with its rich history and geographic factors that continuously attracting solo travelers and every other kind with and also for its Hippie Island being one of the best cheap places in India.

Hampi is a place has cane coracles to take your across rivers, characterized by lifesize boulders with some cafes to chill out with your group, and with these all Hampi has leaves with you enough scope of more exploration. In your whole day, its temples will give you spiritual solace and evenings will be at cafes are enough to make your day here.

Pushkar, Rajasthan


Rajasthan is full of rich culture and Pushkar is a boiling pot of ethnicities and cultures in that.

Pushkar is not just a religious town in Rajasthan which is likely to give you an impression of flocked by pilgrims, but also there are many other attractions. Lakes, camel fairs, spiritual baths, mountains, and temples are the religious significance in Pushkar. There is no need to mention the number of cafes that serving some tasty and fantastic food because the best is that which will be explored by you. You’ll find the most colorful merchandise here to which will take back home as souvenirs from India.

Puri, Orissa


Puri is very popular by the name of Jagannath Temple and one of the most religious cities in India. But, this is a delightful surprise for the hippie at heart, what people don’t know of is, its being as one of the oldest hippie destinations in India. Since the 1970s, this city has been receiving the attention of substantial hippie. This much religious town is located in Orissa and famous for its history and culture in the roots. Its less explored eastern coast of India is the location that bequeaths visitors with an unparalleled quietude.

We are happy to give you this list of less explored hippie destinations, that will be surely a useful part of your next adventurous trip. We hope you to come back for our next unboxing of your special trip plan.

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